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Guest Post: “24 Hours to a New U”

by Lindy

Sincere thanks to BRE Ashley of The BRE Life for this excellent guest post!

If you had 24 hours to change yourself, what would you do? What would be the first thing you do when
you wake up? How about in the middle of the day? What about in the evening?

Do me a favor. Grab a pen and a piece of paper. Write down the words you see below:

Confidence | Faith | Trust | Hope | Ambition

Now, write down the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about what each of these words mean to you. I’m going to the same, except I’m going to close my eyes for a just a few seconds and imagine. Keep your eyes open so you can read the rest of this post!

Now, it’s 6 AM and we’re going to start by looking “Through the Glass”, and you are now beginning your 24 hour journey to take all the thoughts you just wrote down and change your life.

“Good morning! Let me guess, you’ve hit snooze 5 times already. It’s time to take a shower and get dressed for the day. Let’s turn the water on really hot, hot enough so your skin turns a little bit red. Close the bathroom door. Grab your portable speaker so your ears can get their exercise while you shower.

How long do you shower? Do you get out when you feel like it? Or do you give yourself a time limit? Today, I want you to get out the shower when you feel that the time is right. Feel the water pound your skin harder and harder rinsing all of  yesterday’s dirt. Step on your memory foam bath mat and watch it absorb the water from your feet. Grab your towel and dry off.

Take a look in the mirror. What do you see? Hmm, is your mirror foggy from the humidity? Can you see yourself or do you see a blurred image of your body? Let’s iron our clothes for the day while we wait for the humidity to escape.

Now that we’re dressed, let’s finish getting ready. Now look in the mirror, what do you see? Look closer and closer, now what do you see? Is it a reflection, a true reflection? How does your reflection make you feel?

Do you reach for make-up, razors, or do you rush yourself to get ready because you can’t stand to look in the mirror?

Why are you taking so long to get dressed? What are you feeling right now? You don’t know who are really are do you? Are you getting upset? Are you flashing back to past events that destroyed your confidence?

Do me a favor. Grab the biggest, black washable marker you can find. Write whatever you want on the mirror. I’m going  to grab my marker right now. As she starts to write on her mirror, the glass begins to crack. The marker is black enough to cover her reflection with words. As she presses harder and harder, the cracks get deeper and deeper and began to spread…”

What did you write on the mirror? Share your word. You’re not alone, trust me on this one. To find out what the young girl wrote on her mirror, and learn more about the “24 Hours to a New U” project, visit www.thebrelife.com.

Written by:

BRE Ashley, “Inspiring Others One Word at a Time”
Blog: www.thebrelife.com/apps/blog
Twitter: @thebrelife_
Tumblr: www.thebrelife.tumblr.com

About BRE Ashley:

Although born in Hartford, CT, BRE Ashley has spent most of her years in Atlanta, GA. Her harmonious relationship with music evolved when she was a young girl, and now her ink runs dry without it. She fell in love with Accounting, Music, and Writing on her quest to discover her purpose in life as a student at Georgia Southern University and then became “Sleepless” in Atlanta on her Auditing journey in Corporate America. As a Who’s Who Among Colleges and Universities recipient, BRE Ashley left a legacy at Georgia Southern through her leadership and countless accolades and received her Bachelor’s Degree from GSU.

Her writing style is imaginative yet, edgy and resourceful. Combining rhetorical questions and emotional topics such as love, trust, and fear, she challenges her readers to self-reflect. With a tender voice, she also provides her readers with videos in which she vocalizes her thoughts. She welcomes fans of all ages, in particular young adults, to the BRE life, where we live our dreams and inspire others one word at a time!

OC Social Media Summit Infotained for Social Good

by Lindy

Rick Warren with the Stop Hunger Now and CUI Crew. 
CUI Marketing Team Representing

On May 18th, local social media rock stars Rochelle and Haley Veturis coordinated this entertaining and information-packed Orange County Social Media Summit for those of all levels of expertise. The summit took place at The Refinery at Saddleback Church Here is the OC Social Media Summit Online Catalog showing the complete lineup of the panelists, their credentials and Twitter handles.

There were so many great speakers and presentations! I loved the highly-visual and energetic coffee roasting video presented by Portola Coffee Lab’s barista and social media guru, Jeff Clinard. (If you’re a coffee snob, you will love this video – salivation warning.) 

I’m not one to ‘power network’, but I enjoyed meeting and talking to some new people: Tom Holmberg of Tom’s Foodie Blog, Shou and Sharon Mo of Stop Hunger Now and several more. (I have their business cards around here somewhere.)

What’s great about this event was that the emphasis centered around using social media for social good. There are so many worthy causes to support using the power of combined voices in the social sphere. My chosen cause for this event was Orangewood Children’s Foundation. I also learned of several new charitable organizations that are worthy of support: Sevenly.org and The Boot Campaign

Here is video of Pastor Rick Warren’s impromptu visit to the OC Social Media Summit, speaking on his use of social media at Saddleback Church. I always enjoy listening to him speak; he’s relevant, authentic and humorous. Video courtesy of Jason Tucker, Tucker Professional Web Services.

If you weren’t able to attend, you can listen in on the engaging conversations from the OC Social Media Summit on Twitter by reading up on the hashtag #OCSMS. I enjoyed Live Tweeting sporadically from @KreativeHaus and shared a lot of great takeaways and interaction with other attendees. I always enjoying meeting new, interesting people to follow in the social sphere.

It looks like this dynamic group is actively planning another fun social event: Social Media Day 2012 on June 29th at the OC Register. Join in on the conversation on Twitter: #SMDAYOC.

Saddleback Church: Choose Joy

by Lindy

Kay Warren of Saddleback Church led a women’s bible study called, Choose Joy this summer.  1000’s of women showed up to participate in the study, myself included.

In addition to the wonderful lessons on choosing joy (as opposed to fixating on your woes), performance artists amazed the audience with interpretative dance, spoken word poetry and acting.  It really brought the study to life.

The core message throughout the study was:

“Joy is the settled assurance that God is in control of all the details of my life; the quiet confidence that ultimately everything is going to be all right; and the determined choice to praise God in all things.” — Kay Warren 

This was my first study like this.  I was hesitant at first to participate, but ultimately was glad that I did.  It’s a very important lesson to learn.  I was surprised to learn that Kay Warren struggles with choosing joy; I always assumed that it came naturally to her.  It makes me like her even more to know that she is so candid and authentic.

Major take-aways:

  • Jesus was a man of joy
  • Joy is a conviction of your mind
  • Joy is a condition of your heart
  • Joy is a choice of your behavior

DVDs of the Choose Joy series will be available this fall.  More information can be found here.

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