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Kreative FM Podcast Episode 7 – Thankfulness

by Lindy
Daddy Wagon with O Tannenbaum from Peltzer Pines

Daddy Wagon with O Tannenbaum from Peltzer Pines | #NeubauerHaus #PartyofFive #OTannenbaum #PeltzerPines

Show notes:

We’ll aim to have a new episode up in two weeks!

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– Lindy and Jonathan

Kimya Dawson: Looking Out the Windshield

by Lindy

I love Kimya Dawson music. I first discovered her alt/folk/acoustic poetry when watching one of my favorite indie movies, “Juno” and I’ve been hooked since.

Did you know Kimya Dawson has a kids’ music CD called “Alpha-Butt?” It’s contains catchy tunes with potty talk that kids and immature adults enjoy.

Three years ago, I even dressed up as Juno for Halloween. I was pregnant at the time and had the perfect outfit and toted a Slurpee. Unfortunately, only a few of our neighbors understood the reference.

Juno Halloween Costume 2010

Juno Halloween Costume 2010

Recently, I found this lovely, poetic Kimya Dawson song while on SoundCloud: “Looking Out the Windshield”. Listen to it by clicking on the linkage below.

Here is a snippet of the lyrics that I enjoyed:

“I don’t understand what numbers have to do with success.
Or what sales have to do with happiness.
Unless they’re the kind of sails that carry me to sea.
Where my grandma and grandpa are waiting for me.” – Kimya Dawson lyrics

If you like this song, you might also like her song, “Walk Like Thunder”, where she sings realistically about depression/suicide/death and persevering strength.

Pandora Love: Bittersweet Symphony

by Lindy

I was so happy when I changed the Pandora Radio channel from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros to R.E.M. this morning! One of my favorite songs came on and put me in a great mood. Memories flooded back of driving in my car with this song playing full blast – many times.

Cruel Intentions

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It was also featured at the end of the Cruel Intentions movie – which was epic.

The R.E.M. channel is playing all my favorite 90s faves today – especially classic Pearl Jam! It’s great music to work and think creatively to.

Lyrics to The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony

Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve

Bittersweet Symphony – The Verve

Inspiration From August Rush

by Lindy

LOVE the movie August Rush.  The story, the music, the characters – especially Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

August Rush is centered around music; a classical musician hooks up with a rock musician and they accidentally create a musical genius in an evening of passion.  The two lovebirds go their separate ways and fail to reconnect.  The baby boy becomes an orphan as the mom recovers from a hit and run accident, thinking that her baby died in the accident.  (He was actually released to an orphanage by the father of the mom.)

Through confusion and confinement, the orphan boy follows his instincts to find and  reconnect with his parents; mastering every musical instrument he comes in contact with.  The happy ending occurs when he conducts a symphony in an outdoor amphitheater where his birth parents find him and each other.  It’s beautiful!

The moral of the story: keep pursuing what you love.  Never give up on your creativity and drive to create.


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