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Kreative FM Podcast Episode 16 – Polar Vortex vs. El Niño

by Lindy
Veterans Day 2014

Veterans Day 2014 – Airman Thompson

Show notes:

  • Thanks for all the great feedback! Question from Atari of New Brunswick from The Twitter: “Is the Polar Vortex affecting your El Niño much?”
  • Drinking: vodka, Squirt, grapefruit juice
  • Turpentine by Brandi Carlile
  • Whole Foods dining
  • Washington visit
  • The Inclinator
  • Renaissance Club Sport gym
  • Buttercup ailing
  • Veterans Day 2014
  • Vines
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit, Muppets
  • Harp Twins
  • He-man, She-ra, Castle Grayskull

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– Lindy and Jonathan


Ode to Rain: ‘The Pleasant Rain Hath Come!’

by Lindy
View from my window

View from my window on a rainy day.

Finally, we are blessed with rainy weather in Southern California! It’s such a nice change from the sunshine and heat. Not only is it pretty to look at an overcast, cloudy sky, but the air feels and smells more fresh too.

What is also great about rainy days in Southern California is that you get to see people genuinely upset by the rain. Desperately clinging to their umbrellas at the hint of a sprinkle. Turning on their windshield wipers to maximum speed. Bundled up in rarely-worn winter wear. Saying things like, “we PAY to live where it’s sunny” or “oh, this terrible weather” or “it’s so gloomy.”

Even our Saint Bernard, Buttercup, has become a weakling version of what a hearty mountain dog should be. She panics when it rains and tries to bury herself under the boat trailer in the garage when it’s stormy. Now she’s on a hunger strike; refusing to eat her gourmet boiled chicken/kibble blend – what a high maintenance California girl!

Today, I chose to eat my lunch on the office balcony to enjoy the crisp, fresh air (mind you it’s only 62°) and a colleague peeked their head outside saying, “Only a girl with Norwegian blood would sit outside on a day like this.” Another coworker complimented me on my puffy wool sweater/cardigan, “It looks like a professional woman’s Snuggie”. Funny people.

When I visit family and friends in Washington, I would be scorned if I complained about the weather. Or overly-relied on an umbrella. It’s not good form for a rugged outdoors-woman. So I will continue to welcome and praise the rain. It will be gone all too soon.

Here is a poem by American poet James William Miller about the awesomeness of rain – “To a Shower”. Thank you Google Books!

Final verse:

As a blessing sinks in a grateful heart,
That knoweth all its need,
So came the good of the pleasant rain,
O’er hill and verdant mead.
It will breathe this truth on the human ear,
In hall and cotter’s home,
That to bring the gift of a bounteous Heaven,
The pleasant rain hath come.

James William Miller - "To a Shower" Poem

James William Miller | “To a Shower” Poem
The Poets and Poetry of America | Published 1842 |
Courtesy of Google Books

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Kreative FM Podcast Episode 4 – Tribute to Leif Erikson

by Lindy

As a tribute to Leif Erikson, the Norse explorer and discoverer of America, take a listen to episode four of Kreative FM Podcast.

Show notes:

  • Happy Leif Erikson Day!
  • Girls’ trip to Boulder/Denver, Colorado and liver training (Norwegian vs. Irish – who drinks better)
  • Tune In Radio – KUNC (Northern Colorado)
  • Rain, lightning and thunder in Southern California and a skiddish Saint Bernard
  • Strange children’s birthday parties
  • Real estate exploration with Zillow
  • City Data Forum for city exploration via discussion
  • Interior decorating ideas with Houzz
  • AirBnB for economical lodging exploration
  • Waterfront property on the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
  • Soundbytes: Kimya Dawson – “Looking Out the Windshield”, Flight of the Conchords – “Business Time” and Epic Rap Battles of History – “Adam vs. Eve”

Thank you for listening to Kreative FM! If you have any feedback, questions or ideas for future episodes, email us at kreativefm@kreativehaus.com. You can even email us an audio file or suggested media we can play on the show. Also interact with us on our social media sites: @kreativehaus / @nbhaus.

We’ll aim to have a new episode in two weeks! Topic: TBD

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– Lindy and Jonathan

Kreative FM Podcast: Episode 1

by Lindy

Kreative FM Show Notes | Episode 1 | 8/28/13

In this podcast episode of Kreative FM I talk about my procrastination (it’s been four months since I published my intro episode) – thoughts, ideas and inspiration that battle doubt, fear and the busyness of life.

I also introduce my new co-host and husband, Jonathan, who will help keep me accountable to publishing new episodes and add more entertainment and engagement to the podcast. We’re celebrating our ten year anniversary this week, so we’ve decided that after a decade of working independently on our careers and projects, that we’re going to start working more collaboratively and combining our skillsets. How romantic is that?!

We’d like to take a moment to remind anyone listening that we’re not professional radio hosts, voice over talents or broadcasters. Please bear with us as we develop our voices in this new realm.

Our main focus of this first episode is to discuss creativity and the types of media we consume regularly for inspiration. Jonathan: Pandora, Spotify, You Tube, Flipboard, Stitcher, The Onion, Netflix, Vimeo. Lindy: blogs, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube, Stitcher, Ted Talks, Tumblr, Instagram, iTunes U.

We play some soundbites from various media with limited success due to our wonky internet speed. The only thing that successfully played without a hitch was a vinyl record on the record player.

My favorite part of the show was when Jonathan says, “I’ll show you my spreadsheets.”

Email us with any questions and/or feedback at KreativeFM@kreativehaus.com. Also, interact with us on Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. with the usernames @KreativeHaus and @NBHaus.

Thanks for listening to Kreative FM!

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Puppy Love

by Lindy

We took this video two years ago when we got our new Saint Bernard puppy, Buttercup. The struggle over the doggy bed and who was going to be the alpha dog.

Buttercup now weighs over 150 lbs, and she is much more commanding over her doggie bed, but still very fun loving.

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