Spotify Word Genre

by Lindy

I’m not sure if you’re already familiar with Spotify or not. It is one of the numerous options available to listen to music – on your phone, PC, tablet. (It’s free with ads/paid for ad-free).

I’m always looking for the ideal channel to tune into on Spotify for just the right music to work and be productive. It’s hit or miss a lot of the time. You might like one song, but not the next 20. (But I’m too lazy to do a few extra clicks to change it up.)

Lately, I’ve discovered a random and interesting genre on Spotify called ‘Word’ (at the very bottom of the options under ‘Browse’). It is so intriguing… When trying to focus on work, you can’t really listen to and absorb it all, but it’s nice to have on in the background to take some of your mind off the mundane. Check it out: https://open.spotify.com/genre/word.

Spotify Word

The Spotify Word playlists are eclectic and unique – poetry, speeches, stories, meditation, self help, foreign languages, vintage radio, children’s stories, presidential voices and more. They have specific writers featured in some playlists as well – Shakespeare, Bronte, Jane Austen, Noam Chomsky, Emily Dickinson… You can learn what you might have missed in high school English!

The voice actors can be varied, dramatic and entertaining. A few times I’ve tuned into the Shakespeare poetry playlist and got entranced in it. It’s nearly impossible to comprehend what is being said, but it transports you to another place in time. Then, at random, you start speaking in Old English to your colleagues.

I highly recommend exploring it for yourself. Play some for the children in your life for good measure. It’s truly a fun and passive learning experience.



Awestruck by Finnish Rendition of Thunderstruck

by Lindy

Creative genius consistently originates from Scandinavian/Nordic countries. Recall: ABBA, Ace of Base, A-ha, Aqua, Ylvis, IKEA…

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Finnish band Steve ‘n’ Seagulls? They perform awesome, bluegrass-ish renditions of popular rock songs. Their music videos are extremely entertaining with versatile instruments such as the anvil, spoons, mandolin, banjo, accordion and more. Their costumes are rustic, minimalist and dare I say sexy.

Finnish Band Steve ‘n’ Seagulls | www.stevenseagulls.com

Here is an epic rendition of AC DC’s song Thunderstruck by Finnish sensation, Steve’n’Seagulls.

I hear they’re on tour. Let’s bring them to Southern California, where overalls with bare chests are all the rage!

First Prancercise, Now This!

by Lindy

Horse yoga – pairs well with a rigorous Prancercise routine.

It’s all fun and games until the ‘downward dog’ becomes the ‘hoof in the arse’. Neigh; not for me.

Introducing an Ingenious New Work Desk

by Lindy

At work, I’ve been known to sit on an exercise ball, peddle an under-the-desk stationary bicycle and do crunches while I sit at my desk. I like to multi-task by marking items off the to do list while working on my fitness simultaneously. I’ve always wanted a stand up desk or treadmill desk, but could never justify the cost…until now.

Knowing about my enthusiasm for such health/productivity devices, a conscientious coworker introduced me to a new phenomenon I can embrace – the ‘Hamster Wheel Standing Desk‘!! Even better, it’s a DIY project you can do for a team building exercise.

In the future, I would like to have a ‘fishbowl’ work desk invented: a small swim spa, floating desk and waterproof PC. Can someone in Redmond get on this stat? Heated water, please.

Hamster Wheel Standing Desk

Hamster Wheel Standing Desk


Uplifting New Year’s Resolution for 2014

by Lindy
New Year's Quote

Uplifting New Year’s Quote

Just say NO to New Year’s Resolutions!

Here are some top resolutions that I WON’T be making:

  • Lose weight. Unnecessary. I’d like to redistribute my current weight though if possible. With a rolling pin perhaps?
  • Save money. I already save like a champ. I should spend more to do my part to stimulate the economy. Or not.
  • Cut out caffeine. I did that several months ago. Also helps with saving money. Bye Starbucks; it’s been fun!
  • Exercise more. I exercise in my sleep. Multitasking has its benefits.
  • Stop smoking. Never started. That was easy.
  • Relax. Overrated. Laundry can be zen-like.
  • Wake up earlier. Nope. Sleeping late is when I do my best dreaming.  Crucial for creative thinking.
  • Drink less alcohol. Sorry, I’m concerned with my heart health, so cutting back could be risky.
  • Be more optimistic. No, the glass remains half empty. So fill ‘er up! The world needs more realists. We are critical in pointing out the obvious so that situations can hopefully improve. Is that too optimistic?

That is a Cliff Notes version of my new year’s resolution philosophy. I prefer to set up healthy habits and goals ongoing throughout the year and veer from them at my discretion. That way I can avoid the guilt that comes when you inevitably fall off the wagon.

If anything, I might resolve to eat more vegetables this year. I say that every year and slowly but surely, my vegetable intake is steadily increasing.

I would also like to write/create more regularly. Purists would say, “you have to make your goal measurable in order to be successful”. Fine. How about publishing a new blog post once a week, a new podcast every two weeks and making something creative offline once a month?

There. That seals it. I have a 2014 New Year’s Resolution so my life won’t suck this coming year. But that’s a bit optimistic, isn’t it?

Kimya Dawson: Looking Out the Windshield

by Lindy

I love Kimya Dawson music. I first discovered her alt/folk/acoustic poetry when watching one of my favorite indie movies, “Juno” and I’ve been hooked since.

Did you know Kimya Dawson has a kids’ music CD called “Alpha-Butt?” It’s contains catchy tunes with potty talk that kids and immature adults enjoy.

Three years ago, I even dressed up as Juno for Halloween. I was pregnant at the time and had the perfect outfit and toted a Slurpee. Unfortunately, only a few of our neighbors understood the reference.

Juno Halloween Costume 2010

Juno Halloween Costume 2010

Recently, I found this lovely, poetic Kimya Dawson song while on SoundCloud: “Looking Out the Windshield”. Listen to it by clicking on the linkage below.

Here is a snippet of the lyrics that I enjoyed:

“I don’t understand what numbers have to do with success.
Or what sales have to do with happiness.
Unless they’re the kind of sails that carry me to sea.
Where my grandma and grandpa are waiting for me.” – Kimya Dawson lyrics

If you like this song, you might also like her song, “Walk Like Thunder”, where she sings realistically about depression/suicide/death and persevering strength.

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