Introducing an Ingenious New Work Desk

by Lindy

At work, I’ve been known to sit on an exercise ball, peddle an under-the-desk stationary bicycle and do crunches while I sit at my desk. I like to multi-task by marking items off the to do list while working on my fitness simultaneously. I’ve always wanted a stand up desk or treadmill desk, but could never justify the cost…until now.

Knowing about my enthusiasm for such health/productivity devices, a conscientious coworker introduced me to a new phenomenon I can embrace – the ‘Hamster Wheel Standing Desk‘!! Even better, it’s a DIY project you can do for a team building exercise.

In the future, I would like to have a ‘fishbowl’ work desk invented: a small swim spa, floating desk and waterproof PC. Can someone in Redmond get on this stat? Heated water, please.

Hamster Wheel Standing Desk

Hamster Wheel Standing Desk


Kreative FM Podcast Episode 3: Beware of Wild Animals

by Lindy

Listen to the latest episode of Kreative FM by clicking on the image link at the very bottom of the page.

Episode 3 Show notes:

Thank you for listening to Kreative FM! If you have any feedback, questions or ideas for future episodes, email us at You can even email us an audio file or suggested media we can play on the show. Also interact with us on our social media sites: @kreativehaus / @nbhaus.

We’ll aim to have a new episode in two weeks! Topic: TBD

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– Lindy and Jonathan

Upgrade to a Typewriter 2.0 – Mad Men Style

by Lindy

I am love with USB Typewriters – here is my future ‘Typewriter 2.0’! I stumbled upon them online and I haven’t been the same since. Thank you for this ingenious invention, Jack Zylkin! I will have to kick my old electric typewriter to the proverbial curb when I get my hands on this one (sorry Beulah Hildegard Francis.)

USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard — Smith Corona Sterling — 1960s Mad Men Style

Smith Corona Sterling 1960s Mad Men Style USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard

You had me at Mad Men

I envision myself showing up to my marketing meetings with one of these beauties and clanging away on the keyboard. Of course I would be teased by some technology elitists, but I know at least one person in my office would admire it. We were both drooling when we first saw this most incredible invention. I MUST HAVE ONE!

This one that I am lusting after is steep at $599, but it’s so versatile and gorgeous, that I can (almost) justify the expense. It is adaptable to your PC and iPad, so I picture myself showing up at my neighborhood coffee shop, perhaps wearing an eccentric beret and smoking a long, skinny cigarette, and typing feverishly on this turquoise dream machine. (Kidding — I don’t smoke; or wear berets.)

USB Typewriter

Like a kid in a candy shop… more soon-to-be-released colors for USB typewriters.

About USB Typewriter (from

“A Groundbreaking Advancement in the Field of Obsolescence”

The idea for USB Typewriter all began in late 2009, when I found a clunky old Royal typewriter on the side of the road. After a little spit polish and elbow grease, I was really amazed by how pristine this machine was underneath its century’s worth of rust and dust. And even more amazing: it still worked!

Typewriters are just really beautiful and elegant pieces of technology, and it has always struck me as sad that they are now neglected and almost forgotten, especially considering that most computer stuff today is so disposable and utilitarian. People love typewriters, and lots of people have them on their mantlepiece or in their attic, but there is just no place for them on a modern computer desk. So, with the USB Typewriter project I am trying to help people rescue typewriters from garages and attics and put them to use again.

In my online store, I sell a do-it-yourself kit can add a USB port to any typewriter.  The kit can either be purchased pre-assembled and ready to install, or as a fun solder-it-yourself electronics kit.  I also sell a range of lovingly restored and USB-enabled typewriters, but they are frequently sold out, so if you don’t see one you like, just ask.

USB Typewriter has been in business since June 2010, and since then has helped to rescue almost 1,000 typewriters, while constantly improving the conversion process to make it as easy as possible. The USB Typewriter has been featured by NPR’s Morning Edition, The Martha Stewart Show, CNN HLN, WIRED, Gizmodo, and many others.  It was named one of the “Top 10 iPad Accessories” by PC Magazine.
Just as I was promoting this post on Twitter, I stumbled on a new film coming out featuring typewriters: The Typewriter in the 21st CenturyI want to work on getting a screening in Irvine; it looks so interesting! I love the quote mentioned on the site:
Manson Whitlock, at age 95 the oldest person in the film and likely the oldest working typewriter repairman in America, is blunt about it: “I think that something that was made to be thrown away ought never to have been made at all.”

Masterwriter for Creative Writers

Rockin’ the Suburbs

by Lindy

I’ve had almost two weeks with my new Christmas present, my Current Coaster from Ride Current; read my initial post on this new Irvine adult scooter company. It is an awesome set of wheels that is smooth, functional and fun.

Rockin' the suburbs!

Rockin’ the suburbs!

Current Coaster in Equatorial Black color

I’ve found that there is plenty of room for a child to ride in front of me, and they’re thrilled with hitchhiking; although it’s added work for the driver. As an active family of five, riding our bikes and scooters and walking the dog daily is a recreational requirement. My new Coaster makes it all that more fun and laid back – especially with the dandy handlebar speakers which have excellent sound.

After the assembly was complete, my husband took it for a spin (it accommodates up to 250 lbs.) and he said it was really smooth to ride. When I ride it, for added fun and challenge, I switch up my feet placement to the opposite, awkward leg  to get proficient in both; I have a theory that it’s good for creativity, not to mention balanced strength in my legs.

I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it so far, online and in person; aside from the comment from my Washingtonian friend who thought I’d gone Amish. (?!) I suppose if Southern California had an Amish community, this is what we would use to get around! We should totally start an Amish community in South Orange County – who’s in?

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review. All opinions remain my own.

Fueling the SoCal Two-Wheeled Lifestyle

by Lindy

Last week I read a great article in the OC Register about a local entrepreneur, Bentley Kerr, who created a grown up version of a scooter called Current Coasters. His sporty scooter fits in perfectly on the beach strand. It was very inspiring to read about someone who had been hit hard by the economy who turned it into an opportunity to follow through on an idea he and a friend had.

Ride Current

Current Coasters – a new Orange County company specializing in a unique set of wheels! Photo Credit: Mindy Schauer, OC Register

More editorial photos from the OC Register are found here.

Bentley explained their business endeavor to columnist Jan Norman:

“I always wanted to start a business from the ground up.”

“I’ve talked to so many people who can’t believe I actually followed through with this. So many people have ideas about businesses to start but they never do it.”

“You have to be realistic about whether your idea will work, but you also need conviction. You have to believe before anyone else will.”

Read the entire interview and article here.

As a bike fan, with a Trek mountain bike, Nirve beach cruiser, a Razor scooter and even a unicycle, I had to take a closer look at the Current Coaster. I’ve been needing wanting some transportation that filled the gap of what I already have. Something that is easy to haul around and store. I ended up ordering the Equatorial Black one for a Christmas present (to me) along with some very important accessories: a bell, cup holder and speakers that mount on the handlebar.

I plan on riding it around the neighborhood when I walk the dog (shall I look for a mushing harness?), to the parks, to work, on the nearby bike trails, etc. I read that it is compact enough to fit in a car trunk, so I’m hoping I won’t even need to use my bike rack so I can keep it handy at all times. Since it has regular bike tires, it should be easy to maintain.

My new big-girl scooter should be arriving in the next few days, so I will have photos and a story to share soon.

Learn French Via Vinyl

by Lindy

Perusing through the FREE section outside the public library, I stumbled upon a stellar find. A Learn French record collection from 1959!! Who in the right mind could resist taking it home?!

The alternating voices of the male French teacher and the female who parrots the French phrases back are classic 1950s, reminiscent of the Mad Men era.

“Where is the dance club? Ou est la discotheque?” Female parrot: “Ou est la discotheque?” The French sounds extremely proper and upscale compared to the French instruction I had in high school and college. Perhaps I will be to  conduct French lessons from my home office with these dandy records.

In all seriousness, I absolutely LOVE my Crosley record player. My last few purchases of music records at Urban Outfitter (Bon Iver and Adele) have also included a free digital download of the entire album, so it’s the obvious choice to buy the record. They look and sound amazing, bringing real character into the home office.

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