Review: Xtend Barre on Lake Mission Viejo

by Lindy

Outside the Xtend Barre Mission Viejo studio

There are so many options for working out, including what you can do at home or in the great outdoors. Personally, I like to cross train with a variety of workouts geared towards strength, core, flexibility and cardio. Lately, I’ve been a big fan of Pilates, core fusion, body pump, jogging, biking and barre. I’ve discovered that nothing sculpts your physique quite like barre!

It seems many people are confused what barre is and entails. Is it ballet? Is it working just your legs? Do you have to be a dancer? I can tell you from experience that it isn’t ballet, you don’t have to be super coordinated like a dancer and it works your whole body. I highly recommend it! Barre combines cardio and strength training exercises so you’re burning fat and building muscle simultaneously. Most barre classes use a combination of postures inspired by ballet and other disciplines like yoga and Pilates.

People in barre class typically wear yoga pants, tank top and grip socks (not a leotard and tutu). They give you a yoga mat, hand weights and a resistance band. The ballet barre is there for the balance and leg exercises. There is a lot of repetition and movement variation for all the muscle groups (especially your glutes) so you really experience the burn. Just when you think relief is in sight, the instructor will begin a new, equally painful rigorous routine.

Xtend Barre Studio Mission Viejo

I was fortunate to be introduced to the Xtend Barre Studio on Lake Mission Viejo recently and it’s now my fave place to go. The location is serene with the view of the lake from the studio windows. The instructors are enthusiastic and personable, greeting everyone warmly at the start of the class. They observe your posture and provide gentle corrections (important for shy/insecure newbies). They play great music to motivate you throughout. Even though by the midway point, my legs were wobbly and I felt I might collapse, ultimately I survived the 60 minutes and looked forward to doing it again.

Wanna try it too? They offer a variety of classes daily (not just Xtend Barre), at all times of the day. Sounds like you can plan a girls night out at the studio too! (Think of doing a killer barre class, then stopping by Hacienda on the Lake for margaritas!)
Xtend Barre Mission Viejo currently has a new client special of two weeks unlimited classes for $39. Other pricing options include:

Xtend VIX
Unlimited Classes
$129 per month
Exclusive Perks
Best Value

Xtend Elite
8 Classes per Month
$109 per month

Xtend Essential
4 Classes per Month
$59 per month

Single Class

5 Pack

10 Pack

Xtend Barre Mission Viejo
27772 Vista Del Lago Ste B19
Mission Viejo, California

Time to tone up for summer! See you there?


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