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Appreciate Your Mail Carrier This Christmas

by Lindy
My mail carrier's thank you note for my gift of chocolates.

My mail carrier’s thank you note for my gift of chocolates.

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Office Trap-Her Keep-Her

by Lindy

Barbie is finally making a break from the office Trap-Her Keep-Her! Run Barbie, run!

Barbie makes a break from the office Trap-Her Keep-Her!
Photo Credit: Lindy Neubauer, Kreative Haus

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Learn French Via Vinyl

by Lindy

Perusing through the FREE section outside the public library, I stumbled upon a stellar find. A Learn French record collection from 1959!! Who in the right mind could resist taking it home?!

The alternating voices of the male French teacher and the female who parrots the French phrases back are classic 1950s, reminiscent of the Mad Men era.

“Where is the dance club? Ou est la discotheque?” Female parrot: “Ou est la discotheque?” The French sounds extremely proper and upscale compared to the French instruction I had in high school and college. Perhaps I will be to  conduct French lessons from my home office with these dandy records.

In all seriousness, I absolutely LOVE my Crosley record player. My last few purchases of music records at Urban Outfitter (Bon Iver and Adele) have also included a free digital download of the entire album, so it’s the obvious choice to buy the record. They look and sound amazing, bringing real character into the home office.

Inspirational Office Haiku

by Lindy

Here is the haiku my creative coworker/friend put up on our word magnet poetry wall this week. This inspirational poem was surely the impetus she needed to draft her killer press release on academia.

Inspirational Office Haiku

Takin’ It Back Old School

by Lindy

Retro is the new modern and everyone who is anyone is making the switch back to old school – vinyl that is.

I just got this 5-in-one record, CD, radio, tape, auxiliary stereo and I’m super psyched about it. I’ve discovered that I LOVE the look, feel and sound of records and I’m going to pursue them more instead of MP3s.

I purchased my very first record through Amazon.com this week: Mumford and Sons. I can’t wait to receive it! The sound can’t be beat on a CD or MP3 – I don’t care how much you try to convince me otherwise.

One thing I did notice, however, is how much more expensive vinyl is compared to CD and MP3 – I can’t believe it! I certainly won’t want to make too much of a habit of it, but perhaps I’ll dabble in it. Scoff if you will!
Mumford and Sons Vinyl


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