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Entertaining the Masses with Toastmasters

by Lindy

It is now the end of January and I’ve published no new blog posts or podcasts. This is evidence that resolutions don’t work and that I am not disciplined enough. Or that I’m just way too busy to stick to a writing/podcasting plan. I’ll blame the latter.

Toastmasters International

Toastmasters International – Based in Orange County, CA

What is new to my creative communications tool belt, however, is my involvement with a local Toastmasters group at my work. Toastmasters International helps people become better public speakers – which I could definitely benefit from. We’ve been meeting every two weeks to practice our speeches and then we are timed and evaluated by our peers. Sounds fun, right?

My overarching goal with Toastmasters is to treat it like stand up comedy and practice making people laugh. My nerdy, shy, business version of clown school. So far, I’ve gotten a solid number of laughs and positive feedback. Even though I rely heavily on my notes during my speech, I love my written words so much, I don’t want to veer too far from them.

My first speech was about me being a passionate communications professional who doesn’t prefer public speaking.  Today we met for our second official speech where we spoke for 3-5 minutes on a topic of our choice. My topic was ‘Ways to Enjoy Reading for the Chronically Busy’. I wrote this little beauty up in less than an hour right before the meeting, in true procrastinator fashion.

For the record, it was under the five minute time constraint. Some feedback I received was:

  • Very creative
  • Informative
  • I came across very relaxed
  • Loved the specifics
  • Great job tying it all together
  • Good writer
  • Got everyone’s attention with something they can all relate to
  • Humorous
  • Outlines within outlines (ways to get a book)
  • Nice ad hoc comments to other speaker topics
  • Negative: more than 20 ‘umms’ and too much reading of notes. (GUILTY)

For your reading pleasure, here is my speech. Forgive the funky numbering/bullets formatting issue.

Ways to Enjoy Reading for the Chronically Busy


I’m sure there are a lot of people here who love to read books, but claim they don’t have time to sit down and read.

I’m going to explain some ways you can find the time to read – and you don’t even have to sit down to do it.

If you have a library card and access to technology and some creative ingenuity, you can enjoy books while you’re on the go.


  1. I’m a busy mom of three young children as well as juggling a full time job. So I understand how difficult it is to read a book in the traditional sense.
    1. I have very limited time to myself.
    2. With my already limited time, I recently co-founded a book club with some other moms we called “Lit Chicks Anonymous”. Anonymous because there is some drinking involved, and we all often read in secret.
    3. I’ve been able to read four books in the last few month for Lit Chicks Anonymous with various technology: The Boys in the Boat, Bossy Pants and Labor Day.
  1. Books I’ve read had different tech methods:
    1. Labor Day is the most recent book I read in less than two days over the weekend. It’s written by Joyce Maynard and is coming out as a movie this month.

i.    Our book club is going to see it together next month.

ii.    This book I read on my phone using the Kindle App.

iii.    I read it at the dinner table, at the gym, during homework, bathtime, in the car (as a passenger). I couldn’t put it down.

iv.    A little anti-social/bad parenting but necessary.

  1. Boys in the Boat was an audio book I got free from a free trial membership on Audible.com.
    1. I finished it in less than two weeks playing it at 1.5x regular speed.
    2. Bossy Pants I got at the OC Public Library as an audio book.
      1. It was narrated by the author/comedian Tina Feye and it was really good.
      2. Listening to the comedic points in her own voice wouldn’t have been captured in a physical book.
      3. But it was missing the fun visual references of the actual book.
      4. Secret Garden for my eight year old daughter who is having trouble in third grade.
        1. I downloaded it as an audio book from the public library for my iPad
        2. Played it for my girls at bedtime
        3. She loved the beautiful language and the British accent
        4. They continue to quote lines from the book
        5. My process for getting and reading books is:
          1. Check the OC Public Library and the Mission Viejo public library to see if it’s available as an audio book.
          2. If not available, I check for eBook options at the library.
          3. If not available, I check for the actual book I can check out.
          4. If not available, I go to Amazon.com to see the cost for an audio book on Audible.com (partner) or Kindle version.
          5. I compare and contrast the various options and decide which is the best one based on

i.    Price (free is always best)

ii.    Method (audio is preferred)

  1. The Benefits of my non-traditional reading methods are:
    1. Significant cost savings
    2. Low commitment to ownership
    3. Less household/bedside clutter
    4. Avoid accidental book injury when falling asleep with a book


In conclusion, it is my fervent belief that everyone here can go back to enjoying reading again, even if it’s not the method you prefer. I encourage you to get a library card, download the Overdrive Media App on your phone, tablet or PC and start searching for books. Maybe I’ll even let you join my book club. Shhh…

I know I have room for improvement in the speech writing/stand up comedy industry; I’m just glad my heart palpitations went away! Until next time…

Uplifting New Year’s Resolution for 2014

by Lindy
New Year's Quote

Uplifting New Year’s Quote

Just say NO to New Year’s Resolutions!

Here are some top resolutions that I WON’T be making:

  • Lose weight. Unnecessary. I’d like to redistribute my current weight though if possible. With a rolling pin perhaps?
  • Save money. I already save like a champ. I should spend more to do my part to stimulate the economy. Or not.
  • Cut out caffeine. I did that several months ago. Also helps with saving money. Bye Starbucks; it’s been fun!
  • Exercise more. I exercise in my sleep. Multitasking has its benefits.
  • Stop smoking. Never started. That was easy.
  • Relax. Overrated. Laundry can be zen-like.
  • Wake up earlier. Nope. Sleeping late is when I do my best dreaming.  Crucial for creative thinking.
  • Drink less alcohol. Sorry, I’m concerned with my heart health, so cutting back could be risky.
  • Be more optimistic. No, the glass remains half empty. So fill ‘er up! The world needs more realists. We are critical in pointing out the obvious so that situations can hopefully improve. Is that too optimistic?

That is a Cliff Notes version of my new year’s resolution philosophy. I prefer to set up healthy habits and goals ongoing throughout the year and veer from them at my discretion. That way I can avoid the guilt that comes when you inevitably fall off the wagon.

If anything, I might resolve to eat more vegetables this year. I say that every year and slowly but surely, my vegetable intake is steadily increasing.

I would also like to write/create more regularly. Purists would say, “you have to make your goal measurable in order to be successful”. Fine. How about publishing a new blog post once a week, a new podcast every two weeks and making something creative offline once a month?

There. That seals it. I have a 2014 New Year’s Resolution so my life won’t suck this coming year. But that’s a bit optimistic, isn’t it?

Festive Air Force Band Flash Mob

by Lindy

Someone shared this video with me the other day and I found it so beautiful and inspiring. It was a flash mob of the Air Force Band at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. on December 3rd.

As an Air Force vet, I’m proud to see all the sharply dressed airmen in their dress blues playing such powerfully beautiful Christmas music.

The Air Force band’s orchestral flash mob definitely gets you in the festive spirit!

Support the Air Force Band online:

Download a free MP3 of the Holiday Flash Mob – go to and find the center link for “Download the Flash Mob Audio file Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring/Joy to the World.” Right click and “save as” or “save target as” – then download!


Merry Christmas and Aim High!

TEDx Orange Coast: Niia Bertino Singing Text Message

by Lindy

It was honor to be able to attend last Friday’s TEDx Orange Coast at Segerstrom Hall in Costa Mesa (thanks to the awesome promo from OC PRSA).

The opening ‘talk’ was from singer Niia Bertino, who actually borrowed a guy’s cell phone from the audience and sang his text message conversation thread. It was so hilarious, yet her song made it touching and beautiful too.

I am psyched I found someone captured it and uploaded it to You Tube so I can share it. Enjoy!

New Signature Cocktail: Subdued Excitement

by Lindy

I’ve invented a new signature cocktail inspired by Bellingham, Washington’s (my hometown) unofficial nickname, “The City of Subdued Excitement”. I’m almost, nearly, completely excited by my new concoction!

The Subdued Excitement cocktail is comprised of:

  • Kirkland Signature vodka from Costco (Seattle company)
  • Organic grapefruit juice
  • Frozen rainwater (preferably from the Great Northwest) in the form of ice cubes

The Subdued Excitement cocktail is simple, natural, outdoorsy and a little tart – just like Bellingham-sters like me!

Feel free to substitute organic apple juice for the grapefruit juice if it’s too exciting for you.

It’s perfect served in these 2 oz. red party cups because it wouldn’t be prudent to over-indulge. (Unless of course you’re not driving and you don’t have work in the morning.)

Shout out to our sponsor! Good Times 2 oz red party cups – perfect for sipping or shooting!

2 oz red party cups

Sponsored Link. | 2 oz red party cup. Perfect for sipping or shooting!

2 oz red party cup

Sponsored Link | 2 oz red party cup
Perfect for sipping or shooting!

Kirkland Signature Vodka

Kirkland Signature Vodka

Knudsen Organic Grapefruit Juice

Knudsen Organic Grapefruit Juice | Affiliate Link

Kreative FM Podcast: Episode 1

by Lindy

Kreative FM Show Notes | Episode 1 | 8/28/13

In this podcast episode of Kreative FM I talk about my procrastination (it’s been four months since I published my intro episode) – thoughts, ideas and inspiration that battle doubt, fear and the busyness of life.

I also introduce my new co-host and husband, Jonathan, who will help keep me accountable to publishing new episodes and add more entertainment and engagement to the podcast. We’re celebrating our ten year anniversary this week, so we’ve decided that after a decade of working independently on our careers and projects, that we’re going to start working more collaboratively and combining our skillsets. How romantic is that?!

We’d like to take a moment to remind anyone listening that we’re not professional radio hosts, voice over talents or broadcasters. Please bear with us as we develop our voices in this new realm.

Our main focus of this first episode is to discuss creativity and the types of media we consume regularly for inspiration. Jonathan: Pandora, Spotify, You Tube, Flipboard, Stitcher, The Onion, Netflix, Vimeo. Lindy: blogs, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube, Stitcher, Ted Talks, Tumblr, Instagram, iTunes U.

We play some soundbites from various media with limited success due to our wonky internet speed. The only thing that successfully played without a hitch was a vinyl record on the record player.

My favorite part of the show was when Jonathan says, “I’ll show you my spreadsheets.”

Email us with any questions and/or feedback at KreativeFM@kreativehaus.com. Also, interact with us on Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. with the usernames @KreativeHaus and @NBHaus.

Thanks for listening to Kreative FM!

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