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Festive Air Force Band Flash Mob

by Lindy

Someone shared this video with me the other day and I found it so beautiful and inspiring. It was a flash mob of the Air Force Band at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. on December 3rd.

As an Air Force vet, I’m proud to see all the sharply dressed airmen in their dress blues playing such powerfully beautiful Christmas music.

The Air Force band’s orchestral flash mob definitely gets you in the festive spirit!

Support the Air Force Band online:

Download a free MP3 of the Holiday Flash Mob – go to and find the center link for “Download the Flash Mob Audio file Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring/Joy to the World.” Right click and “save as” or “save target as” – then download!


Merry Christmas and Aim High!

Denver’s Electro-Pop Band AdrienneO Releases SUPERCHROMATIC

by Lindy
AdrienneO Band

Photo Credit: Simple J Photography | AdrienneO.com


If you love to discover new indie music, you should check out my cousin’s band AdrienneO. They are an electro-pop band out of Denver and have a new album out – SUPERCHROMATIC. You can listen to their awesome tunes on Soundcloud – my favorite songs are Two and Two and Innocence. You can play them over and over again and get them stuck in your head very easily (in a good way)! What’s really cool is that they recorded the songs at random locations around Denver, including closets, apartments and the studio.

AdrienneO is comprised of Adrienne Osborn, sultry lead vocalist and bass; Justin Leighton Long, lead guitar; and Craig DeLeone, drummer. Their lyrics are poetic and beautiful; like from Two and Two: 

“The broken world is ours to gain / We play our music loud as pain / Off balance in a fearless kiss / We hope it always feels like this.”

Their unique style of music has been described as:

“AdrienneO’s sound features alternatively seductive and powerful vocals, reminding listeners of a cross between Blondie and Natalie Merchant. Justin’s guitar playing evokes the Edge while he retains alt-rock grit. A clean, hooked-up rhythm section and subtle but creative use of electronic textures and loops all come together to allow the band to deliver well-written, well-arranged electro-rock songs with one of the freshest sounds in Colorado.” – AdrienneO.com

When I spoke to Adrienne about the making of SUPERCHROMATIC, she described the challenging creative and logistical undertaking it was for the band. They did almost everything on their own on the album, from songwriting to recording to production. The only work they had done outside the band was the mixing and mastering!

“Since I split time between Boulder and Denver, I kept carrying my entire recording setup back and forth every week, so parts of this album are recorded in a bathroom in Boulder, parts are recorded in a closet in Denver, and some, like the shaker and tambourine, were recorded at 2 a.m. in a Denver studio apartment.  Strangely, I never got any noise complaints.
It was pretty amazing to step back after it was all done, and realize that we did it all ourselves.  And especially to realize that I recorded or played everything on this album myself except for bass on Solid Ground, and all the drums and guitar.  I didn’t know how to record vocals on my own as little as three years ago, and didn’t know how to use Logic until about two years ago, so it’s pretty amazing to realize how far both I and the band have come in the year since we formed. But already we feel like we have better songs in the works.  We can’t wait to start recording again!” – Adrienne Osborn

The big AdrienneO EP Release Party is scheduled for Friday, July 19th at 7:oo p.m. MDT in Littleton, Colorado. Even if you’re not in the Denver area, you can download a FREE digital version of SUPERCHROMATIC anytime on Bandcamp. If you go to the concert, be sure to say hi to Adrienne for me – I so wish I could see her live on stage!

AdrienneO EP Release Party

Go to the Facebook event page for more details and discounted concert tickets.
Be sure to LIKE the band while you’re at it.

Tainted Souls Live in Sandefjord, Norway

by Lindy
Photo Credit: Jonathan Neubauer

Murphy’s Irish Pub, Sandefjord, Norway

When we were in Larvik, Norway, we were able to go see Tainted Souls in concert. They were playing live at Murphy’s in Sandefjord and had taken their fans from Oslo to/from the concert in a big party bus. I’m psyched my cousin Heidi was able to come with us and we could share some beers and good conversation. It was also cool to meet so many fun and interesting new people!

Photo Credit: Jonathan Neubauer

Tainted Souls’ Party Bus; Sandefjord, Norway.

Photo Credit: Geirr Cranner

Tainted Souls in front of their Party Bus. Live in Sandefjord, Norway.

Tainted Souls’ band members:

Morten Duesund – Vocals
Bjørn Skallerud – Guitars
Rune Kristensen – Bass
Tor Arne Berg – Drums

Photo Credit: Jonathan NeubauerTainted Souls Concert; Sandefjord, Norway.

We got there well before the concert began, so we were able to hang out and meet the band and their friends, family and fans. Everyone was extremely cool and we had a great time, first having tapas at Da Vinci’s across the street and then at Murphy’s Irish Pub for drinks. Murphy’s was a cool pub with a lot of space to mingle and hang out. At the same time the band was setting up, there was an awesome birthday party going on for a girl named Pia, and everyone was dressed from in 1920s flapper era attire. They were all extremely attractive and having a blast. Sorry I didn’t get a picture of it; you’ll have to trust me that it was a sight.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Neubauer

Lindy and Heidi, Tainted Souls Concert; Sandefjord, Norway.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Neubauer

Morten, Lindy and Her New Tainted Souls T-Shirt.

Photo Credit: Lindy Neubauer

What’s This Gringo Doing in Norway?

Photo Credit: Lindy Neubauer

Pre-Concert Drinks. What? Jonathan drinking an unleaded Coke?!

As a side note, you will never see Jonathan go to a bar and drink an unleaded Coke; there would usually be Jack Daniels in there with just a splash of Coke. However, in Norway, the DUI laws are very serious (.2% BAL) and he adhered to the law that evening. I was happy that I wasn’t the D.D. and that Heidi was with us too, because she was familiar with the area and there was a lot of road construction and closures. I would have gotten us lost and mangled if I were driving with only the assistance of Google Maps.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Neubauer

Norwegian Beer – Hansa; Tainted Souls Concert.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Neubauer

Morten Representing Surfrider Foundation on Stage

I had given Morten, the lead singer, a Surfrider Foundation Newport Beach Chapter t-shirt as his wife’s a surfer and I want to bring Surfrider to Norway. It was cool that he wore the shirt on stage! During set up, there was an issue with the sound system, so there was some band angst in calling in some back up help, but the crew got it worked out and the band sounded great. It was a very interactive and engaging concert! Morten chatted it up with the crowd between songs and the fans sang along and took lots of photos and videos throughout. He’d even brought Pia, the birthday girl, up on stage to sing Happy Birthday to her! I’d listened to their CD Mercury Mind several times before the trip, so I was familiar with the catchy songs and they did several cool cover songs as well. My favorite was Chris Isaac’s “Wicked Game” – it’s a classic and they performed it well.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Neubauer

Pia’s Friend Calling Her Up on Stage for “Happy Birthday”.

Photo Credit: Lindy Neubauer

Tainted Souls Performing Cover Song, “Wicked Game”

Photo Credit: Jonathan Neubauer

Tainted Souls Concert. Sandefjord, Norway.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Neubauer

Tainted Souls Fans. Sandefjord, Norway.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Neubauer

Tainted Souls Concert. Sandefjord, Norway.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Neubauer

Tor Arne (drums) and Rune (bass). Tainted Souls Concert; Sandefjord, Norway.

See more photos from Murphy’s Irish Pub and other concerts in their website’s concert gallery. You should also keep up with them on their Facebook and Twitter. They’ll be playing in Southern California early September 2013, so make sure to save the date if you’re on the west coast.

In my next and final post in my Norwegian travel writing series, I’ll cover our last four days in Norway, which we spent in the beautiful mountain town of Lillehammer, Norway’s Olympic city. Read about it here.

Tainted Souls’ Viking Invasion Tour

by Lindy

Norwegian rock band Tainted Souls is planning their upcoming U.S. Tour for September 2013, which we’re jokingly naming the “Viking Invasion Tour”. They will focusing their tour on the west coast, specifically California (Southern and Northern), Oregon and Washington.

Tainted Souls would love to reach new audiences in the U.S., especially the Norwegian-American community that maintains pride for their ancestry as well as modern Norwegian culture. Music lovers of all ages will enjoy their unique genre of rock which is a combination of classic rock, alternative and melodic tunes, which are sung in English. They will also prove that not all Norwegian bands play Death Metal.

If you are interested in learning more about booking Tainted Souls and/or interviewing them, please review their Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and contact me. Please also read my recent interview with Morten Duesund, lead singer. If you are interested, I can also send you a demo CD, photos and other material. Coming soon: video footage from live performances in Norway. I will actually be there for one of their gigs in Sandefjord, Norway this April! #Psyched

Tainted Souls Biography (from Sonic Bids)

Tainted Souls is a Norwegian band that is often described as making “melodic rock” that gives the listeners references to great rock bands from the 70´s, as well as to the more “modern” rock music.

The band is primarily focused on providing a good and honest stage performance, packed with naked and in-your-face rock and roll with lots of punch.

Vocally the music is described as having references “grunge” icons Vedder and Cornell, and to Ozzy.

The band started by rocking their way to the Norwegian national finals of the “Battle of the Bands” concept Emergenza in 2008, and has since then released singles and the album “Mercury Mind” and been on the road playing at all kinds of venues.

Their album has received good reviews in Europe and they are now focusing on building on their audience in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Interview: Norwegian Rock Band Tainted Souls

by Lindy
Norwegian Rock Band, Tainted Souls

Norwegian Rock Band, Tainted Souls

Allow me introduce you to Tainted Souls, a Norwegian rock band from Oslo. I had the great pleasure of interviewing them after we became fast friends on Twitter and Facebook. Why am I making Norwegian friends online, you ask? Good question; the answer: I am 3/4 Norwegian, 3rd generation in America, I keep in touch with my family in Norway and I will be visiting there again this April. I am a card-carrying Sons of Norway member and currently working hard to learn Norwegian by taking language classes with Ms. Sissel on Saturdays, reading the Aftenposten newspaper, listening to the radio on NRK.no and watching these awesome Norwegian videos on YouTube.

I am also passionate about music and helping people promote their bands. It’s no secret how much I love Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder and the grunge music of the ’90s. One of my favorite radio stations on SiriusXM is Lithium, which features my all-time music faves. When I first listened to Tainted Souls, I totally thought Morten’s voice sounded like Eddie Vedder’s and I knew I had to interview him.

Tainted Souls

Tainted Souls: Rune – Bass, Bjørn – Guitars,  Tor-Arne – Drums, Morten – Vox.

Who are Tainted Souls?

Well, we are four Norwegian guys, Tor Arne on drums, Rune on bass, Bjørn on guitars, and myself on vocals. The name Tainted Souls comes from our idea that we are all born “clean” and that who we are today is the sum of all our experiences… that we are all “tainted” by our experiences in life.

It all started wit Bjørn and I meeting at an audition. He auditioned for my band at the time, and hearing him play that guitar, made me realize I needed to go in a different direction, so I left my band and together we formed Tainted Souls.

How do you write your songs?

Well, it varies actually. Sometimes a new song can be born while we’re jamming in our rehearsal studio, and other times it can come out of individual work.. Like if I write a new poem and Bjørn puts the basic riffs and chords to it before we all meet up and jam it into a finished song. And of course sometimes Bjørn sends me something he has come up with and I write lyrics to it. I ask him about his thoughts or if there are any words ringing in his head while he’s playing, and then I write lyrics to try to match that.

Do you all write?

Yes in a sense, we all contribute, I usually have the lyrics and vocal lines, Bjørn has the chords and riffs, Tor Arne and Rune lays down the drums and bass and the we do the final arrangements together.

How do you come up with the lyrics?

That all depends. I like sitting in cafes, just watching people, and often I write about people or situations I observe. It can be anything really, take “contemplate” (on the Mercury Mind album), that song is based on a couple I was watching at a cafe in Oslo. I also write a lot that is based on my own life and experiences, like “Pale” and “Get Up”.

Do you ever experience writers block?

Absolutely. Sometimes finished lyrics come flying out, and other time it can take weeks to finish something I’m working on. I then usually get out of the writers block when I make a new observation, or by putting everything away and go play with my kids for a while. Some of the words for “get up” came while watching the Paralympics.

I find inspiration in our fans (I read everything I get), in my kids, in everyday life, and in watching and listening to my idols and icons. Who? Eddie Vedder, Jim Morrison, Dylan…the list goes on…

I am addicted to Pearl Jam, but there are a lot of bands that influence us. Pearl Jam probably influences me more than the others, so our music is influenced from lots of bands, as we all bring our passions and ideas into the process of writing.

Have you ever met Pearl Jam?

No, unfortunately not. I flew over to Seattle just to feel and observe and “be” before we recorded the album “Mercury Mind”… and went through three major and in-depth security checks in the process… So one can say I will do anything! :)

What are your plans moving forward?

Well, right now we are focusing on marketing and promoting the album at home as well as outside of Norway, primarily the U.S. and Europe. We’re getting pretty good reviews and feedback in the U.S., UK, France, Netherlands and Eastern Europe and we’re focused on going to these areas, in addition to getting into the festivals in Norway.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your creative inspiration in Norwegian?

Oslo-bandet Tainted Souls er sterkt influert av grunge-rocken som startet i Seattle U.S., og har en vokalist som flere ganger har omtalt Eddie Vedder som nærmest å ha “gude-status”, og som dro hele veien til Seattle for å “kjenne på følelsen” før de gikk i studio og spilte inn albumet “Mercury Mind”. Da er det vel også naturlig at de tok kontakt med WA-jenta Lindy Neubauer for å få til et intervju. Å gå rundt der, fra fiskemarked til klubber, høre band og snakke med folk, gav Morten enda mer følelse for Seattle – og Vedder. Og masse inspirasjon han kunne ta med i studio og på scenen.

Thank you to the band for allowing me to interview you! Maybe they’ll proceed their idols and play Live at Benaroya Hall soon! I hope you enjoy their music as much as I do. Farvel for nå!

Tainted Souls' Album Mercury Mind

Tainted Souls’ Album: Mercury Mind


Jamming Away Again in Margaritaville

by Lindy

Here is a great story of a diehard Jimmy Buffett fan, Matt Hoggatt! I heard his cool song “Dear Jimmy Buffett” and Jimmy Buffett’s subsequent song in response on SiriusXM Margaritaville station recently. So funny and awesome for Matt – way to go!

Matt Hoggatt and Jimmy Buffett in Margaritaville
Photo Credit: MattHoggatt.com

Here is Matt’story accompanied with the lyrics to both songs. Here is an article about the performance.

The video of them performing together in Margaritaville:


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