First Prancercise, Now This!

by Lindy

Horse yoga – pairs well with a rigorous Prancercise routine. It’s all fun and games until the ‘downward dog’ becomes the ‘hoof in the arse’. Neigh; not for me.

How to Put Your Distracted Brain on a Schedule

by Lindy

Can I interrupt you from the important task you really should be doing to share this riveting 20 minute podcast? It is about counteracting constant tech distractions (which leads to burn out) with practical tips. I stumbled upon this Harvard Business Review IdeaCast, “Your Brain’s Ideal Schedule” with Ron Friedman, Ph.D on SoundCloud today (while […]

Kreative FM Podcast Episode 18 – I’m an Albatroz

by Lindy

Show notes: New Yeti microphone = voices like honey Thanks for all the great feedback! Especially from Sven from The Twitter.  Special mentions: and Signorelli Mix handcrafted jewelry Song: I’m an Albatroz by AronChupa Drinking: Fireball Whiskey (shots, shots, shots, shots!) Annual garage sale – toy purge Here’s to sister Patsy who’s with us tonight (prank phone […]

Kreative FM Podcast Episode 17 – Recorded from Vancouver

by Lindy

Show notes: Recorded from downtown Vancouver, B.C. Thanks for all the great feedback!  Special mentions: and Signorelli Mix handcrafted jewelry Dent May song, “I’ll be Stoned for Christmas” Drinking: Jameson Whiskey/Frangelico Arizona Thanksgiving Buttercup’s passing Bellingham Christmas Renaissance Club Sport gym – $250! Boundary Bay Brewery, The Star Club Episode cut short prematurely for some odd […]

PSA From Weird Al: Word Crimes

by Lindy

This is the best song, video and message for the masses! Word crimes are the worst kind of crime; so insidious and heinous. Weird Al Yankovic continues to entertain and educate. I love him! By the way, does my communiqué make my butt look big? You’re welcome!

Kreative FM Podcast Episode 16 – Polar Vortex vs. El Niño

by Lindy

Show notes: Thanks for all the great feedback! Question from Atari of New Brunswick from The Twitter: “Is the Polar Vortex affecting your El Niño much?” Drinking: vodka, Squirt, grapefruit juice Turpentine by Brandi Carlile Whole Foods dining Washington visit The Inclinator Renaissance Club Sport gym Buttercup ailing Veterans Day 2014 Vines Smells Like Teen […]

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