Why Can’t I Mark My Golf Ball With a Daisy?!

by Lindy

While at the Aliso Viejo Country Club for my husband’s company Christmas party this December, I stumbled upon these dandy Golf Rules Posters tacked to a bulletin board. I really found the drawings and scenarios amusing, but I am equally relieved to have been taught that I actually can’t mark my ball with a daisy. What a dunce, Nancy!

I have no sympathy for Ron in the second scenario, however. Nobody likes a poor sport – even if he does use polite vernacular such as, “Gee Whiz?!**” (Is that a questioning exclamation with an expletive at the end for good measure?)

When I decide to join a country club, it gives me tremendous peace of mind to know there are creative citizens out there that deeply care about teaching me golf etiquette with such brilliant posters.

Poor Nancy

Poor Clueless Nancy!

Gee Whiz!

Gee Whiz Ron!

Speaking of dunces, look at these clowns monopolizing the photo booth at said party! Gee whiz!

Can someone please publish some 'Photo Booth Etiquette' posters?

Rule #1 of Photo Booths: Masquerade's are Creepy.

Rule #1 of Photo Booths: Masquerade’s are Creepy.

Kreative Ceiling Decor

by Lindy

Here is a photo we took at Elvira’s Restaurant in Tubac, Arizona last year. We go there about twice a year when visiting family. They always have unique, beautiful decor and I especially love the colorful blown glass covering the ceiling. In addition to the incredible ambiance, they have delicious Mexican food and margaritas.

Elvira's Decor

Elvira Restaurant’s Blown Glass Ceiling Decor

Elvira’s: 2221 E. Frontage Road Bldg. A; Tubac, AZ 85646; 520.398.9421

Culture Spotting in Orange County

by Lindy

You don’t often see one of these cute little cars driving down the streets of Irvine, dwarfed by Suburbans and Escalades. The bearded hipster driver of this gem was even in the right side driver seat.

You don’t see this level of coolness everyday in Orange County

In contrast, while in Newport Beach for a Halloween party last year, I saw this crazy vehicle pull up in all it’s glory.

Transformer: station wagon – tank

You don’t want to see this tank in your rearview mirror

Then, while in Lake Forest, I often see this spooky station wagon just lurking about.

Spooky Station Wagon Trolling for Children

Yesterday evening, I even saw a sweet Swiss Army truck with a Norwegian flag sticker on the driver side panel driving down El Toro Road in Lake Forest. I was instantly smitten! Unfortunately I didn’t capture a photo, as I was too busy driving and gawking. But I made a mental note that my next car will be a tricked out Swiss Army truck and I will buy it from Pinzgauer.com.

One of these Swiss Army trucks will be able to fit a family of five plus room for more!

These unique vehicles are proof that we do indeed have culture and character in Orange County!

What are some of the most unique cars you’ve seen in your area?


Reef At Surfside Sports


Office Trap-Her Keep-Her

by Lindy

Barbie is finally making a break from the office Trap-Her Keep-Her! Run Barbie, run!

Barbie makes a break from the office Trap-Her Keep-Her!
Photo Credit: Lindy Neubauer, Kreative Haus

For more ‘Binders Full of Women’ fun, follow along on The Twitter and Tumbler.

Learn French Via Vinyl

by Lindy

Perusing through the FREE section outside the public library, I stumbled upon a stellar find. A Learn French record collection from 1959!! Who in the right mind could resist taking it home?!

The alternating voices of the male French teacher and the female who parrots the French phrases back are classic 1950s, reminiscent of the Mad Men era.

“Where is the dance club? Ou est la discotheque?” Female parrot: “Ou est la discotheque?” The French sounds extremely proper and upscale compared to the French instruction I had in high school and college. Perhaps I will be to  conduct French lessons from my home office with these dandy records.

In all seriousness, I absolutely LOVE my Crosley record player. My last few purchases of music records at Urban Outfitter (Bon Iver and Adele) have also included a free digital download of the entire album, so it’s the obvious choice to buy the record. They look and sound amazing, bringing real character into the home office.

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