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Let’s Start a Mumford Band!

by Lindy

Now here is a noble cause I can get behind! We MUST start a Mumford Band and move to Mumford Land at the soonest possibility! I will ‘manage social media and Twitter from the stage’ – you count on it! I can also contribute my little red Olivetti typewriter for typecasting from the road; ‘Hashtag: Key of Awesome’.

But seriously though, I love Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers and Phillip Phillips and any music that has that ‘rough  around the edges’ folk sound. Anyone want to start a Mumford Band with me? Anyone with a mustache, real or fake? Bueller…?

YouTube Comedy Week was May 19 – 25; see the most hilarious videos here. Also, here are more parody music videos from the Key of Awesome.

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Jamming Away Again in Margaritaville

by Lindy

Here is a great story of a diehard Jimmy Buffett fan, Matt Hoggatt! I heard his cool song “Dear Jimmy Buffett” and Jimmy Buffett’s subsequent song in response on SiriusXM Margaritaville station recently. So funny and awesome for Matt – way to go!

Matt Hoggatt and Jimmy Buffett in Margaritaville
Photo Credit:

Here is Matt’story accompanied with the lyrics to both songs. Here is an article about the performance.

The video of them performing together in Margaritaville:


Interview with Kristian Matsson: Pushing Through Writer’s Block

by Lindy

Kristian Matsson is the Swedish folk musician behind The Tallest Man on Earth (TMOE). He has a Dylan-esque style, yet a very unique voice. We saw him perform in May of 2010 at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum and he was more incredible live than I anticipated. He’s really a hidden gem, although he has millions of dedicated fans, like myself. His song 1904 is my alarm clock song Monday through Friday. Woot!

Ironically, he isn’t actually the tallest man on earth; he is really slight of build, yet mammoth on sound.

Here is a really awesome interview with Matsson discussing his music on his new album, There’s No Leaving Now and what inspires him from

What I found most interesting was his creative process and how he pushes through writer’s block. Here are some highlights from the interview:

I want that element of chaos in there. You know and things blending together. It’s hard to plan how to do that.

I just tried to write stupid 30 second songs recording whatever came to my mind. I had to do it.  It had to be two a day. It had to be a verse and a chorus.

I listened to it maybe three weeks later and like ‘Wait, this is it.’ I just did it so fast, and I kinda forgot about it. Then I picked it up and wrote the whole song like that. Three of those ideas ended up being like the best songs on this album. I have that all the time. It goes..I understand it now. You just have to keep working it. You have to put yourself into situations where inspiration can hit you. You know. So, I was not worried, I was just being a bit sick and tired of myself just not doing stuff. I just had to spend some time with what those songs were about. Some of those songs needed comments and they needed answers and stuff like that.  So I could finally do that with this album so I could just finish off some stuff. You know of course there is an element of relief because I mean to be honest sometimes you doubt yourself sometimes and stuff like that and you don’t know if it’s going to be a record. So of course you’re relieved like ‘Whoa it really worked! I did an album!’ – Kristian Matsson via

For those of us who love vinyl, #folkyeah!

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