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by Lindy

Films of Norway

As more and more people move away from traditional cable providers and towards digital media content on demand, there are many choices available to the viewer. For those of Norwegian descent, being able to watch Norwegian shows and movies is an incredible opportunity that hasn’t been an option in the past, due to licensing issues and accessibility. Now, Films of Norway is bringing Norway’s best media to the U.S., on your phone, tablet, computer and casting to your TV.

With a small monthly subscription fee, Films of Norway allows you to stream all their media content, most with English subtitles and completely ad free. This can help strengthen your Norwegian language skills as well as give you a culture fix. Almost like traveling to Norway, without going anywhere.

Films of Norway content includes movies, documentaries, TV series, kids’ shows, cooking shows, classics and more, with new shows added regularly. We watched a lot of the festive Christmas shows around the holidays. The kids also loved the shows Zookeeper and Vic the Viking (English version). The language difference served as an excellent lesson for the kids; reminding them that there’s more than just the English language and that they can actually understand what is happening in the show and follow along through context, facial expressions, body language and inflection.

I personally enjoy the Taste of Norway cooking show, Creativity for Kids kids’ crafts show, music videos and the Northwest Passage show. I love seeing the beautiful backdrop of the country of my heritage. I enjoy being immersed in the Norwegian culture through its media, which seems more authentic than the typical U.S. media content.

If experiencing Norway through media on demand, give Films of Norway a try. They offer a free seven day trial membership. Check it out!

Taste of Norway

If you end up watching a few Norwegian shows, drop me a line and let me know which are your favorite. Stay tuned for more detailed reviews of Films of Norway shows and movies.


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