Book Recommendation: Deep Work

by Lindy

I recently heard an author interview with Cal Newport, discussing his book, “Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World” and was instantly intrigued. After waiting for the audio version from the library for a few months, I’m now well into the book.

I’m learning a lot about the research surrounding the value of  ‘deep work’ versus shallow work, as well as the downfalls of modern technology, the internet, social media and constant distractions in the workplace. There are serious limitations in producing exceptional work when bombarded by interruptions, emails, instant messages, meetings, drive-by conversations and more. Distractions that limit productivity also lead to feelings of discontent.  It interrupts the flow you experience when you’re immersed in a project; and flow fosters contentedness.

I highly recommend Deep Work if you’re a writer, creative professional or knowledge worker. It is a good read for anyone who is struggling with distractions in attempts to be productive. Here is a YouTube video outlining the premise of the book, if you’re into immediate gratification and have no patience for reading.

If you’re able to strategically minimize your distractions and interruptions at work, write in the comments what works best for you in staying productive.

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