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How to Put Your Distracted Brain on a Schedule

by Lindy

Can I interrupt you from the important task you really should be doing to share this riveting 20 minute podcast? It is about counteracting constant tech distractions (which leads to burn out) with practical tips. I stumbled upon this Harvard Business Review IdeaCast, “Your Brain’s Ideal Schedule” with Ron Friedman, Ph.D on SoundCloud today (while avoiding daunting tasks). In the audio, he discusses how to structure your day to get the most done, with the most satisfaction.

This discussion is so relevant for busy professionals like myself who are always connected to their smart phone (and now Samsung Gear Fit smart watch) with all the email and app notifications, which leads to being reactive instead of proactive with your work load and communication. Much of the stress, anxiety and frustration I experience stems from the constant interruptions, inability to focus, prioritize and disconnect. If I implement Friedman’s advice for an ‘ideal schedule for my brain’, it would greatly diminish my stress level and increase my overall contentment.

I like how the interviewer brings up how some driven people turn their passion/hobby into the demands of more work (i.e. taking it very seriously and making it all encompassing.) Play is very important, just for the enjoyment of it; not for the ‘return on investment’ per se. I need to practice that.

Do you struggle with the inability to disconnect like I do? How do you schedule your day for maximum productivity and enjoyment?

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