Kreative FM Episode 13 – CA to AZ Road Trip and SMMW14 Recap

by Lindy
My cameo appearance on the SMMW14 video

My cameo appearance on the SMMW14 video; 2:45

This is the first episode recorded in the Rock n Roll Daddy Wagon on our Griswold Family Road Trip spring break!

Show notes:

  • Recorded in the middle of the desert en route from CA to AZ, Grand Canyon bound!
  • Song of the day: Willie Nelson, On the Road Again
  • Drink of the day: water with super food powder (Lindy) and Lipton iced tea (Jonathan)
  • T-21 days until Lindy’s Nautical 40th birthday – #LindysNautical40th #TikiBoatNB
  • Recap: Social Media Marketing World 2014 in San Diego
  • Accompanied by colleagues Ann Ashmon, @AnnAshmon and Kylie Swope, @KylieHype. We were the Brady Sisters; I was the middle sister, Jan and they were Marsha and Cindy.
  • Shout out to our new social media friends IRL: Krista Sweeney, @LeadingImage; Ania Nadybyska, @AniaNadybyska; Mandy Manley, @MandyManley; Melissa Jane, @BeeAnimated; Nicole Bullock, @CuteCultureChic; ‘Hashtag Hero’, Andrew Ford, @SirFord; Laura Mansfield, @Pagatim and more.
  • Best dinner in San Diego: Puestas in Seaport Village
  • Best karaoke moment: Baby Got Back
  • Funny takeaways: #cockinasock to raise awareness for testicular cancer (thanks Nicole!)
  • Puck Yeah hockey song (thanks @RyeMcKenzie, Canuck)
  • Check out the SMMW14 recap video and look for me and my peeps at around 2:15.

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– Lindy and Jonathan


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