Tattify Typewriter Tattoo Review

by Lindy
Tattify Typewriter Tattoo - Amazon.com

Tattify Typewriter Tattoo – Amazon.com

I learned about Tattify temporary tattoos when shopping on my favorite website, Amazon.com, searching for vintage typewriters. Up popped up a suggested product for a vintage Royal typewriter tattoo. A few clicks and it was purchased – two for $5 – what a steal!

The tattoos arrived quickly (thanks to Amazon Prime) and I was impressed with the packaging and product presentation. I love Tattify’s overall concept and designs. They are fun, unique and creative.

When I first put on my typewriter tattoo, an easy and quick process, I was giddy. It was a little big for my thin forearm, but it was a nice change from the empty canvas.

Tattify Typewriter Tattoo

Tattify Typewriter Tattoo

Sadly, in less than 24 hours, with no bathing or sun exposure, the tattoo looked faded and blob-like. I’m not pleased by it. I guess that is what a real tattoo would look like after a few decades of aging. I think I will use a Sharpie pen and make my own tattoo next time. Or (gasp) go for the real thing (not likely).

Tattify Typewriter Tattoo Day 2

Tattify Typewriter Tattoo Day 2

Here is my Norwegian cousin Heidi’s word art tattoo that I absolutely love and wouldn’t mind sporting on my forearm. It translates to (from my best translating attempts): tough, funny, strong-willed, joyful, brave, I’m good enough, honest, creative, comfortable, dutiful, conscientious. I feel these words speak to me and describe me as well.

Heidi's Norwegian Word Art Tattoo

Heidi’s Norwegian Word Art Tattoo

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