Uplifting New Year’s Resolution for 2014

by Lindy
New Year's Quote

Uplifting New Year’s Quote

Just say NO to New Year’s Resolutions!

Here are some top resolutions that I WON’T be making:

  • Lose weight. Unnecessary. I’d like to redistribute my current weight though if possible. With a rolling pin perhaps?
  • Save money. I already save like a champ. I should spend more to do my part to stimulate the economy. Or not.
  • Cut out caffeine. I did that several months ago. Also helps with saving money. Bye Starbucks; it’s been fun!
  • Exercise more. I exercise in my sleep. Multitasking has its benefits.
  • Stop smoking. Never started. That was easy.
  • Relax. Overrated. Laundry can be zen-like.
  • Wake up earlier. Nope. Sleeping late is when I do my best dreaming.  Crucial for creative thinking.
  • Drink less alcohol. Sorry, I’m concerned with my heart health, so cutting back could be risky.
  • Be more optimistic. No, the glass remains half empty. So fill ‘er up! The world needs more realists. We are critical in pointing out the obvious so that situations can hopefully improve. Is that too optimistic?

That is a Cliff Notes version of my new year’s resolution philosophy. I prefer to set up healthy habits and goals ongoing throughout the year and veer from them at my discretion. That way I can avoid the guilt that comes when you inevitably fall off the wagon.

If anything, I might resolve to eat more vegetables this year. I say that every year and slowly but surely, my vegetable intake is steadily increasing.

I would also like to write/create more regularly. Purists would say, “you have to make your goal measurable in order to be successful”. Fine. How about publishing a new blog post once a week, a new podcast every two weeks and making something creative offline once a month?

There. That seals it. I have a 2014 New Year’s Resolution so my life won’t suck this coming year. But that’s a bit optimistic, isn’t it?

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