Kreative FM Podcast Episode 4 – Tribute to Leif Erikson

by Lindy

As a tribute to Leif Erikson, the Norse explorer and discoverer of America, take a listen to episode four of Kreative FM Podcast.

Show notes:

  • Happy Leif Erikson Day!
  • Girls’ trip to Boulder/Denver, Colorado and liver training (Norwegian vs. Irish – who drinks better)
  • Tune In Radio – KUNC (Northern Colorado)
  • Rain, lightning and thunder in Southern California and a skiddish Saint Bernard
  • Strange children’s birthday parties
  • Real estate exploration with Zillow
  • City Data Forum for city exploration via discussion
  • Interior decorating ideas with Houzz
  • AirBnB for economical lodging exploration
  • Waterfront property on the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
  • Soundbytes: Kimya Dawson – “Looking Out the Windshield”, Flight of the Conchords – “Business Time” and Epic Rap Battles of History – “Adam vs. Eve”

Thank you for listening to Kreative FM! If you have any feedback, questions or ideas for future episodes, email us at You can even email us an audio file or suggested media we can play on the show. Also interact with us on our social media sites: @kreativehaus / @nbhaus.

We’ll aim to have a new episode in two weeks! Topic: TBD

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– Lindy and Jonathan

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