Orange is the New Black: Binge Viewing and Detoxing

by Lindy

This past month, I rapidly digested all 13 episodes of Orange is the New Black. Now I feel anxious and agitated waiting for Season 2 of OITNB to be released on Netflix. The eerily-catchy theme song (“You’ve Got Time” by Regina Spektor) continues to loop in my head as do the images of the close up faces of various inmates.

“Look at all the roads. Think of all their crossings. Taking steps is easy. Standing still is hard. Remember all their faces. Remember all their voices. Everything is different the second time around.”

The last scene from the last episode is permanently engraved in my memory where Piper proceeds to kick the living $h!t out of Pennsatucky, in which I simultaneously cheered and groaned, knowing that Piper would be severely disciplined over it.

Apparently the series is based off an actual memoir by Piper Kerman and her own experiences in prison. I must read it ASAP to get my fix until season 2 is released. I can’t handle the suspense.

The show makes you ponder on how you would handle being incarcerated if you were in her shoes and trying to navigate the corruptness and craziness of an institution. At first I thought, 15 months isn’t that long of a sentence; no problem. Then you see how people and situations start breaking Piper down (as it had other inmates), the choices she’s faced with, how she handles them, and their consequences.

In the meantime, I read a funny article in Paste Magazine about Ten Best Orange is the New Black Quotes Illustrated. Here are my two faves from their list.

“I’m gonna call you Dandelion” | Photo Credit: Paste Magazine

“Bitches gots to learn” | Photo Credit: Paste Magazine

I also loved it when Crazy Eyes told Piper, “You gotta clean from the inside out” when they were mopping the bathroom.

But the most epic quote is when one of Larry’s Jewish parents said, “I get it. She’s a natural blond. She’s exotic to you.” I wish they would create that design; I would buy the t-shirt!

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