Let’s Start a Mumford Band!

by Lindy

Now here is a noble cause I can get behind! We MUST start a Mumford Band and move to Mumford Land at the soonest possibility! I will ‘manage social media and Twitter from the stage’ – you count on it! I can also contribute my little red Olivetti typewriter for typecasting from the road; ‘Hashtag: Key of Awesome’.

But seriously though, I love Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers and Phillip Phillips and any music that has that ‘rough  around the edges’ folk sound. Anyone want to start a Mumford Band with me? Anyone with a mustache, real or fake? Bueller…?

YouTube Comedy Week was May 19 – 25; see the most hilarious videos here. Also, here are more parody music videos from the Key of Awesome.

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