Why Can’t I Mark My Golf Ball With a Daisy?!

by Lindy

While at the Aliso Viejo Country Club¬†for my husband’s company Christmas party this December, I stumbled upon these dandy Golf Rules Posters tacked to a bulletin board. I really found the drawings and scenarios amusing, but I am equally relieved to have been taught that I actually can’t mark my ball with a daisy. What a dunce, Nancy!

I have no sympathy for Ron in the second scenario, however. Nobody likes a poor sport – even if he does use polite vernacular such as, “Gee Whiz?!**” (Is that a questioning exclamation with an expletive at the end for good measure?)

When I decide to join a country club, it gives me tremendous peace of mind to know there are creative citizens out there that deeply care about teaching me golf etiquette with such brilliant posters.

Poor Nancy

Poor Clueless Nancy!

Gee Whiz!

Gee Whiz Ron!

Speaking of dunces, look at these clowns monopolizing the photo booth at said party! Gee whiz!

Can someone please publish some 'Photo Booth Etiquette' posters?

Rule #1 of Photo Booths: Masquerade's are Creepy.

Rule #1 of Photo Booths: Masquerade’s are Creepy.

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