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Ted Talk: How a Boy Became an Artist

by Lindy

Ted Talks are absolutely awesome; if you’ve never watched one, you should; immediately. Especially this one by children’s book author and illustrator, Jarrett J. Krosoczka: How a Boy Became an Artist.

It is so inspiring to hear him recount the path he took to realize his dreams and artistic aspirations. Though he experienced some difficult circumstances in his life, Jarrett persevered. Through his talk, he exhibits a great sense of humor and a compelling way with words. It’s apparent that his life story has touched many people’s lives just by the numerous glowing comments on the video.

One of the best quotes from the talk: “I use my imagination for my full time job; my imagination saved my life.”

For me, being creative is very therapeutic and supremely divine. Perhaps I will showcase my clever children’s stories I wrote in elementary school and put some of the ones I’ve told verbally down on paper someday…

More About Jarrett’s J. Krosoczka

Jarrett J. Krosoczka has been a storyteller since the ripe age of eight, when he wrote his first book, The Owl Who Thought He Was The Best Flyer, about an owl who challenged Hermes to a flying race. Since that rather promising start Krosoczka has published 18 picture books and graphic novels for children, including the much-loved Lunch Lady series, which is a two-time winner of the Children’s Choice Book Award. Krosoczka hosts The Book Report with JJK on Sirius XM’s Kids Place Live, a radio show about books, aimed at kids 10 and younger. In 2010 he founded the Joseph and Shirley Krosoczka Memorial Youth Scholarships at Worcester Art Museum, to fund classes for young and underprivileged aspiring artists.


Rockin’ the Suburbs

by Lindy

I’ve had almost two weeks with my new Christmas present, my Current Coaster from Ride Current; read my initial post on this new Irvine adult scooter company. It is an awesome set of wheels that is smooth, functional and fun.

Rockin' the suburbs!

Rockin’ the suburbs!

Current Coaster in Equatorial Black color

I’ve found that there is plenty of room for a child to ride in front of me, and they’re thrilled with hitchhiking; although it’s added work for the driver. As an active family of five, riding our bikes and scooters and walking the dog daily is a recreational requirement. My new Coaster makes it all that more fun and laid back – especially with the dandy handlebar speakers which have excellent sound.

After the assembly was complete, my husband took it for a spin (it accommodates up to 250 lbs.) and he said it was really smooth to ride. When I ride it, for added fun and challenge, I switch up my feet placement to the opposite, awkward leg  to get proficient in both; I have a theory that it’s good for creativity, not to mention balanced strength in my legs.

I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it so far, online and in person; aside from the comment from my Washingtonian friend who thought I’d gone Amish. (?!) I suppose if Southern California had an Amish community, this is what we would use to get around! We should totally start an Amish community in South Orange County – who’s in?

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review. All opinions remain my own.

Why Can’t I Mark My Golf Ball With a Daisy?!

by Lindy

While at the Aliso Viejo Country Club for my husband’s company Christmas party this December, I stumbled upon these dandy Golf Rules Posters tacked to a bulletin board. I really found the drawings and scenarios amusing, but I am equally relieved to have been taught that I actually can’t mark my ball with a daisy. What a dunce, Nancy!

I have no sympathy for Ron in the second scenario, however. Nobody likes a poor sport – even if he does use polite vernacular such as, “Gee Whiz?!**” (Is that a questioning exclamation with an expletive at the end for good measure?)

When I decide to join a country club, it gives me tremendous peace of mind to know there are creative citizens out there that deeply care about teaching me golf etiquette with such brilliant posters.

Poor Nancy

Poor Clueless Nancy!

Gee Whiz!

Gee Whiz Ron!

Speaking of dunces, look at these clowns monopolizing the photo booth at said party! Gee whiz!

Can someone please publish some 'Photo Booth Etiquette' posters?

Rule #1 of Photo Booths: Masquerade's are Creepy.

Rule #1 of Photo Booths: Masquerade’s are Creepy.

First Creative Activity of the New Year!

by Lindy
Kreative Haus Wordle

Creative Branding: Kreative Haus Wordle

A big thanks goes out to my valued printer, Dual Graphics, for giving me the creative impetus to make this new design for a set of branded greeting cards. The design was lovingly created using

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