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Interview with Kristian Matsson: Pushing Through Writer’s Block

by Lindy

Kristian Matsson is the Swedish folk musician behind The Tallest Man on Earth (TMOE). He has a Dylan-esque style, yet a very unique voice. We saw him perform in May of 2010 at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum and he was more incredible live than I anticipated. He’s really a hidden gem, although he has millions of dedicated fans, like myself. His song 1904 is my alarm clock song Monday through Friday. Woot!

Ironically, he isn’t actually the tallest man on earth; he is really slight of build, yet mammoth on sound.

Here is a really awesome interview with Matsson discussing his music on his new album, There’s No Leaving Now and what inspires him from

What I found most interesting was his creative process and how he pushes through writer’s block. Here are some highlights from the interview:

I want that element of chaos in there. You know and things blending together. It’s hard to plan how to do that.

I just tried to write stupid 30 second songs recording whatever came to my mind. I had to do it.  It had to be two a day. It had to be a verse and a chorus.

I listened to it maybe three weeks later and like ‘Wait, this is it.’ I just did it so fast, and I kinda forgot about it. Then I picked it up and wrote the whole song like that. Three of those ideas ended up being like the best songs on this album. I have that all the time. It goes..I understand it now. You just have to keep working it. You have to put yourself into situations where inspiration can hit you. You know. So, I was not worried, I was just being a bit sick and tired of myself just not doing stuff. I just had to spend some time with what those songs were about. Some of those songs needed comments and they needed answers and stuff like that.  So I could finally do that with this album so I could just finish off some stuff. You know of course there is an element of relief because I mean to be honest sometimes you doubt yourself sometimes and stuff like that and you don’t know if it’s going to be a record. So of course you’re relieved like ‘Whoa it really worked! I did an album!’ – Kristian Matsson via

For those of us who love vinyl, #folkyeah!

Learn French Via Vinyl

by Lindy

Perusing through the FREE section outside the public library, I stumbled upon a stellar find. A Learn French record collection from 1959!! Who in the right mind could resist taking it home?!

The alternating voices of the male French teacher and the female who parrots the French phrases back are classic 1950s, reminiscent of the Mad Men era.

“Where is the dance club? Ou est la discotheque?” Female parrot: “Ou est la discotheque?” The French sounds extremely proper and upscale compared to the French instruction I had in high school and college. Perhaps I will be to  conduct French lessons from my home office with these dandy records.

In all seriousness, I absolutely LOVE my Crosley record player. My last few purchases of music records at Urban Outfitter (Bon Iver and Adele) have also included a free digital download of the entire album, so it’s the obvious choice to buy the record. They look and sound amazing, bringing real character into the home office.

Guest Post: “24 Hours to a New U”

by Lindy

Sincere thanks to BRE Ashley of The BRE Life for this excellent guest post!

If you had 24 hours to change yourself, what would you do? What would be the first thing you do when
you wake up? How about in the middle of the day? What about in the evening?

Do me a favor. Grab a pen and a piece of paper. Write down the words you see below:

Confidence | Faith | Trust | Hope | Ambition

Now, write down the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about what each of these words mean to you. I’m going to the same, except I’m going to close my eyes for a just a few seconds and imagine. Keep your eyes open so you can read the rest of this post!

Now, it’s 6 AM and we’re going to start by looking “Through the Glass”, and you are now beginning your 24 hour journey to take all the thoughts you just wrote down and change your life.

“Good morning! Let me guess, you’ve hit snooze 5 times already. It’s time to take a shower and get dressed for the day. Let’s turn the water on really hot, hot enough so your skin turns a little bit red. Close the bathroom door. Grab your portable speaker so your ears can get their exercise while you shower.

How long do you shower? Do you get out when you feel like it? Or do you give yourself a time limit? Today, I want you to get out the shower when you feel that the time is right. Feel the water pound your skin harder and harder rinsing all of  yesterday’s dirt. Step on your memory foam bath mat and watch it absorb the water from your feet. Grab your towel and dry off.

Take a look in the mirror. What do you see? Hmm, is your mirror foggy from the humidity? Can you see yourself or do you see a blurred image of your body? Let’s iron our clothes for the day while we wait for the humidity to escape.

Now that we’re dressed, let’s finish getting ready. Now look in the mirror, what do you see? Look closer and closer, now what do you see? Is it a reflection, a true reflection? How does your reflection make you feel?

Do you reach for make-up, razors, or do you rush yourself to get ready because you can’t stand to look in the mirror?

Why are you taking so long to get dressed? What are you feeling right now? You don’t know who are really are do you? Are you getting upset? Are you flashing back to past events that destroyed your confidence?

Do me a favor. Grab the biggest, black washable marker you can find. Write whatever you want on the mirror. I’m going  to grab my marker right now. As she starts to write on her mirror, the glass begins to crack. The marker is black enough to cover her reflection with words. As she presses harder and harder, the cracks get deeper and deeper and began to spread…”

What did you write on the mirror? Share your word. You’re not alone, trust me on this one. To find out what the young girl wrote on her mirror, and learn more about the “24 Hours to a New U” project, visit

Written by:

BRE Ashley, “Inspiring Others One Word at a Time”
Twitter: @thebrelife_

About BRE Ashley:

Although born in Hartford, CT, BRE Ashley has spent most of her years in Atlanta, GA. Her harmonious relationship with music evolved when she was a young girl, and now her ink runs dry without it. She fell in love with Accounting, Music, and Writing on her quest to discover her purpose in life as a student at Georgia Southern University and then became “Sleepless” in Atlanta on her Auditing journey in Corporate America. As a Who’s Who Among Colleges and Universities recipient, BRE Ashley left a legacy at Georgia Southern through her leadership and countless accolades and received her Bachelor’s Degree from GSU.

Her writing style is imaginative yet, edgy and resourceful. Combining rhetorical questions and emotional topics such as love, trust, and fear, she challenges her readers to self-reflect. With a tender voice, she also provides her readers with videos in which she vocalizes her thoughts. She welcomes fans of all ages, in particular young adults, to the BRE life, where we live our dreams and inspire others one word at a time!

Win Free Tickets to the Arts in Orange County

by Lindy

Arts Orange County is celebrating FreeFall for the Arts during National Arts & Humanities Month!

From September 5-19, 2012, you can enter-to-win free pairs of tickets to unique theatre, music and visual arts events taking place in Orange County between September 28-November 4, 2012.

What is Free Fall for the Arts?

From SparkOC:

Hundreds of arts organizations across the nation are promoting the arts and celebrating National Arts and Humanities Month this October by participating in regional programs like Arts Orange County’s “FreeFall for the Arts.” These programs give patrons a chance to try out new arts disciplines, organizations, or venues by entering to win tickets to select arts events taking place in their community. No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter-to-win tickets through the “FreeFall for the Arts” program.

All events will take place in Orange County between September 28 and November 4, 2012.

Check it out!

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