Takin’ It Back Old School

by Lindy

Retro is the new modern and everyone who is anyone is making the switch back to old school – vinyl that is.

I just got this 5-in-one record, CD, radio, tape, auxiliary stereo and I’m super psyched about it. I’ve discovered that I LOVE the look, feel and sound of records and I’m going to pursue them more instead of MP3s.

I purchased my very first record through Amazon.com this week: Mumford and Sons. I can’t wait to receive it! The sound can’t be beat on a CD or MP3 – I don’t care how much you try to convince me otherwise.

One thing I did notice, however, is how much more expensive vinyl is compared to CD and MP3 – I can’t believe it! I certainly won’t want to make too much of a habit of it, but perhaps I’ll dabble in it. Scoff if you will!
Mumford and Sons Vinyl


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