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Comedy: Action Figure Therapy

by Lindy

Here is a funny tribute to my fellow lumberjack tree lovers and military peeps! If you share my sense of humor, I know you will love Action Figure Therapy too! Official Action Figure Therapy website.

Warning: adult language and bound to wet your pants.

Saddleback Church: Choose Joy

by Lindy

Kay Warren of Saddleback Church led a women’s bible study called, Choose Joy this summer.  1000’s of women showed up to participate in the study, myself included.

In addition to the wonderful lessons on choosing joy (as opposed to fixating on your woes), performance artists amazed the audience with interpretative dance, spoken word poetry and acting.  It really brought the study to life.

The core message throughout the study was:

“Joy is the settled assurance that God is in control of all the details of my life; the quiet confidence that ultimately everything is going to be all right; and the determined choice to praise God in all things.” — Kay Warren 

This was my first study like this.  I was hesitant at first to participate, but ultimately was glad that I did.  It’s a very important lesson to learn.  I was surprised to learn that Kay Warren struggles with choosing joy; I always assumed that it came naturally to her.  It makes me like her even more to know that she is so candid and authentic.

Major take-aways:

  • Jesus was a man of joy
  • Joy is a conviction of your mind
  • Joy is a condition of your heart
  • Joy is a choice of your behavior

DVDs of the Choose Joy series will be available this fall.  More information can be found here.

Bellingham: City of Subdued Excitement

by Lindy

I LOVE that my hometown of Bellingham, Washington is nicknamed the City of Subdued Excitement. It explains a lot…

It’s even on Wikipedia, so it must be true:,_Washington.

Here is a quirky website showing the interesting character of Bellingham. Looks like the same dude has an album of the same name.

I’ve also recently discovered that an opportunist has built a website business – – to capitalize on it. But she’s not a Bellingham native; just a newbie so she doesn’t count.

Comedy: Bo Burnham

by Lindy

If you’ve never seen or heard Bo Burnham, you should! He’s a young comedian who made his break by being an internet sensation with his funny music/lyrics.

You can get Bo Burnham’s Words, Words, Words on Amazon.  Hilarious comedy that makes you chuckle.

Book: The Artist’s Way

by Lindy

 The Artist's Way

The Artist’s WayA Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, by Julia Cameron is a recommended read by virtually every writer. In reading my latest issue of Writer’s Digest, I read more about this inspiring author; her life and career.

She is most famous for providing writers and artists techniques to help boost their creativity and unblock themselves.  Two important tools she provides include ‘Morning Pages’ and ‘Artist Dates’.

 “Doing your Morning Pages, you are  sending—notifying yourself and the universe of your dreams,  dissatisfactions, hopes. Doing your Artist Date, you are  receiving—opening yourself to insight, inspiration, guidance.” – Julia Cameron
To read more about these techniques to inspire your inner artist, visit Writer’s Digest and The Artists Way. On the official Julia Cameron website, she offers online creativity resources to ‘Discover Recover your creative self stroke by artistic stroke’.

Writing Software: Celtx

by Lindy

For months I’ve been meaning to test out Celtx software to start writing something – a poem, essay, short story, book(?).  Jonathan, the hubs, keeps mentioning it to me and emphasizing how valuable it really is when drafting up story ideas.   It can be used for anything creative apparently.

Mastering Celtx
#1 Choice for Media Pre-Production

“Celtx helps you produce all types of media — film, video,  documentary, theatre, novels, machinima, comics, advertising, video  games, music video, radio, podcasts, and however else you choose to tell  your story.” – 

It’s time to get on it and test it out!  As a side note, he also bought me Dramatica Pro (professional writing software) a few years ago and I haven’t even used that.  Pathetic! 

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