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Wicked the Musical

by Lindy
I love Wicked! Especially the song Defying Gravity and its lyrics! It is truly an inspirational story of a misunderstood social outcast and how public relations can go awry.
(Kindly disregard the spelling and grammatical errors – it’s not my video.)
“Unlimited… My future is unlimited…”
You can listen to the entire, incredible album here.

Book: My Horizontal Life

by Lindy

My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night StandsStrolling through Target, showing our Finnish student, Noora, the wondrous selection of goods, we paused at the book section. She wanted some Lauren Conrad books for her upcoming long bus trip.

Right next to Lauren Conrad – Chelsea Handler’s “My Horizontal Life.” I love her humor.  The title caught my attention and made me chuckle. Threw it in the cart.

Fast forward at home, I’m a few chapters in, and learning more about Chelsea Handler than I think I want to know. Personal, embarrassing, juicy tidbits from her sexual past and a collection one night stands. Yikes – her victims!

Random Page: Letters on Life

by Lindy

An inspirational excerpt from Rainer Maria Rilke’s book, Letters on Life, that I stumbled upon today:

What one writes as a very young person is of no significance whatsoever, just as what else one embarks on has almost no significance.  Even the apparently most useless diversions can be a pretext for an inner focusing; one’s nature might even instinctively seize such activities to turn the controlling observation and attention of a curious intellect away from those mental processes that wish to remain unrecognized.  One may do anything; only this corresponds to the full scope of life.  But one ought to be certain that nothing is done out of opposition, to defy obstructing circumstances, while thinking of others, or based on some kind of ambition.  You must be certain that you are acting out of pleasure, strength, courage, or a sheer sense of abandon: that you have to act this way.

Letters on Life (New Prose Translations), by Rainer Maria Rilke

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