15 Seconds of Fame

Lindy Thompson and Hilary Swank – Both Top Award Recipients

We took an epic road trip to the Great Northwest this Christmas break and I was given one of the best gifts ever – treasures from the past! My mom had kept all my old school photos, awards, creative writing relics and report cards. Here is some evidence of my early brush with fame.

Here are some photos with Hilary Swank when were besties in Bellingham, Washington. Some interesting historical tidbits about our childhood friendship:

    • Hilary and I both loved┬átether ball at recess and she was fierce competitor (and often cut in line.)
    • We stayed over at each other’s houses regularly and once fought aggressively over who would be the one who would zip up my sleeping bag (she won).
    • We would listen to her brother Dan’s Prince Purple Rain record a lot; I thought that was so cool.
    • Hilary was Mowgli in the 4th grade school play; I was in the choir.
    • Hilary’s mom took us shopping at a department store and Hilary got designer clothes; I got a dose of envy.
    • Hilary and her mom were the ones who showed me my first scary movies – Stephen King’s Cujo and NOVA’s Miracle of Life (sex education) – both on VHS, mind you. (Ironically, I have a Saint Bernard as a pet now…)
Hilary Swank, Age 11

Hilary Swank, Age 11

Happy Valley Elementary School 5th Grade

Hilary Swank and Lindy Thompson, 5th Grade

She may have won an Oscar Award, but I’m the one who received the prestigious Clever Writer Award. Try to top that Hilary!

Clever Writer Award

Lindy Thompson was recognized as a clever writer from an early age.

Other 15 seconds (or less) of fame:

  • Kenny Rogers (or his peeps) ‘liked’ my vinyl-gram of my playing The Gambler vinyl on Instagram

Stay tuned for more…

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